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Supanova Brisbane

It's taken me a few days since Brisbane Supanova, to chill out and catch up on my stuff, so here we go. My experience this year with Supanova was completely different from the previous years as a vendor. James and I were invited as guests, although to be completely honest, I was kind of thinking that not much would change... Boy was I wrong. The organizers had everything completely covered, from the moment we arrived, Ineke, Royd, and the Supanova team had everything covered. We were assigned Kylie and Paige, who were our go to PA ladies, they went above and beyond in looking after us. Our signings were conducted through QBD Books, Jeremy Neal and his staff looked after every need, all in all we were looked after in every way. Thank you. My favourite thing was participating in the panels, with an array of super talented authors, whom I was truly honoured to sit along side over the long weekend. I had the chance to not only hang with James, but also my highly talented baby brother Ryan, whom I danced up a storm with on the Saturday night party.

But what was my absolute favourite part of being a guest. It would have to be, meeting and getting a chance to rub shoulders with all the other famous guests, from Graham McTavish, James Marsters, Millie Bobby Brown, and 100 author Kass Morgan. I got to see these great people in their quiet moments, when the crowds weren't there, and they were generous with their time.

In parting I'd like to thank everyone who in part contributed to my fantastic experience this year, one I'll never forget.

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