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Born in 1972, Katherine, NT and married with three children I have always loved to read, in particular fantasy fiction. My favourite authors include JRR Tolkien, Robert E Howard, Stephen King, Raymond E Feist, Jim Butcher and the awesome Matthew Reilly. Growing up I was always a bit of a geek, in particular my love of comics and horror movies.


I was a soldier in the Australian Defence Force for nearly 20 years, having served on operations in Rwanda and East Timor, and later an instructor at the School of Infantry. I'm a qualified cinema graphic make-up artist, having trained under Oscar winner Peter Frampton, I had high aspirations of being the next Tom Savini.


I love cheesy B grade movies in particular anything with zombies. I love hanging out with my brothers every opportunity I get, both of whom are successful writers in their own respective fields.

Being a published author has been an immensely satisfying journey and one that I plan on continuing for many years to come.

Marc Lindsay Author
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