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Supanova Gold Coast 2017

Supanova Gold Coast. Well what can I say about my first time Coning on the coast... Fantastic. First up the convention centre was an easy venue to both park and set-up, there was a little confusion as we attempted to get started, but the assistance from the Nova volunteer's had my brother James and I raring to go. The next two days were an amazing ride, the other venders were friendly with their help and advice, but what really made it were the patrons. The enthusiasm and dedication to their respective fan bases was inspiring. Those new to the Perigord and Plato brands were keen to know more, and those returning fans were excited about any new information they could glean. Getting to spend the weekend with my brother James, co-author of Plato was the highlight though,

In summery I'd like to thank Tim (the Supernova God), the small army of volunteer's, and especially the patrons for their enthusiasm and at times patience. Thank you all.

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