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Going Home

Last day of Supanova started off innocently enough, a huge breakfast of pancakes with my brother Ryan and wife Kate. This lead onto more of the sights and sounds that make Supanova great. Getting ready to leave was a race against time to get the car packed and say my goodbyes. Driving out of the centre went well, traffic was fair and we were able to exit Brisbane without tears. Ten minutes down the road, and the heaviest rain I have ever seen hit us. Kate was screaming as our car was pushed around the road and visibility went down to ten percent. Instead of cruising along at 100km, we were forced to drop down to 20km. Lucky for me this only lasted about ten minutes, and soon again we were speeding along the highway.

With no real plan we drove as far as Childers and fuelled up. We decided to drive on to Rockhampton and see if we could find a 24 hr motel. Sadly there was no such place, still eight hours from home we decided to press on taking turns behind the wheel. Lucky for us the trip back went reasonably uneventful with only one near miss of a kangaroo on the road who decided to play chicken (He won). Arriving home, the house was quiet, our only welcome was our two dogs (Doot, Lita) and two cats (Stormy, Mr Cookie), we unpacked and showered in record time. My eyes closing before my head hit the pillow.

So after seven hours of Supanova and sixteen hours on the road we finally fell asleep

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