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New Year

A belated New Years thank you to all those that have supported me this past year. 2015 has been one of the biggest most amazing times of my life, with the normal ups and downs I'm sure we go through. I can not in my wildest dreams believe that I was able to self publish my own novel, and when I say self I mean the support and guidance of family and friends. 2016 has started out softly but I assure you that it will be bigger and better. Ghosts of Perigord is finished and hopefully will be available before mid-year, I have started book three (Sins of Perigord and hope to have it finished before 2017. As I have mentioned previously the new series concerning Jason's uncle Plato is near completion, My brother James who is co-writing it with me are very excited and can't wait to unveil it later in the year, although different from the Perigord series it will still have all the adventure and excitement present in the storytelling.

But most importantly I would like to thank those that invested not only their money but their time in reading my book which was my sole motivation in writing to begin with. A happy New Year to all.


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