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The finished Product

I've gone on and on about how hard but enjoyable Perigord was to write, blah, blah, blah. But you'll hardly ever get a writer to admit that without decent presentation his finished product is literally nothing. I shopped around initially trying to find a reputable printing company that was the right fit for my novel, which wasn't easy as there are a lot of snake oil salesmen out there wanting to seperate a rube and their money.

What initially got my attention was the professional manner in which Paradigm conducted themselves. They were first and forthmost there to set me at ease but also they knew exactly what they were talking about in regards to the technical aspects of their business.

They kept me in the loop from the moment I signed on and were always accessable with any of my concerns especially at inconvenient hours. But probably most important when the boxes turned up proprieter Ben Aitchison was on the phone wanting to know that I was happy with my book. And trust me the finished product far exceeded any of my expectations. I would highly recommend Ben and his team from Paradigm print media for any author whether they are debuting or on they're 100th story.

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