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Tropicon was sensational and the people of Cairns were friendly and fun. We met with Charles Kennell who greeted us warmly and showed us to our table. Despite the friendly atmosphere I was nervous and unsure on how the day was going to play out. Thirty minutes to opening and we were ready for the day ahead. I decided to go for a walk and check out the other exhibitors. Jewellery and costumes, cosplayers and artists. The atmosphere was full of excitement and the other vendors enthusiasm was rubbing off on me. I met a friend of my brothers Dean Rankine illistrator and writer for the Simpsons and Futurama, after introducing myself I asked for a drawing one with my head in a jar. Dean was happy to oblige. The picture turned out fantastic but in my excitement and all the talking I forgot to pay. It wasn't til later in the day that my son reminded me, oopps. I did go back later and offer to pay but was waved off Dean saying he expected that sort of behaviour from a Lindsay with a grin. I did give him an autographed book for his troubles.

We sold three before the doors were open. And to be perfectly honest I would have been happy to sell around a dozen for my efforts. Once the crowds started making their rounds the kind people kept up a steady flow of enquiries, and purchases of the book for the next six hours. The energy of everyone present was amazing as I witnessed a huge volume of costumes, everything from Game of Thrones, Deadpool, Jason Vorhees and anime princesses and of course Star Wars heroes and villans. I'm thankful to my two kids Dylan and Dana who kept me supplied with coffee and $5 notes, as everyone seemed to have $50s. Note to self for the next Con.

Highlights of the day were meeting;

Dean Rankine - Simpsons artist,

Wayne Nichols - Comic book artist,

Evey Dante - Cosplayer,

Twerkin Gherkin - Cosplayer,

Ash Chain - Cosplayer,

Cassim - Artist,

Travis Bain - Director of Throwback,

Charles Kennell - Event organiser, and

Grant Robinson - Organiser of Sugar City Con.

Overall it was a great weekend that included the drive up and back with my kids. We sold well over a hundred books and met some great people some of which we will see again at the Sugar City Con in August. I look forward to going back again next year.

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