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PERIGORD is here

Years in the planning. When I first decided to write Perigord all I had was a note pad and pen. The first 20 pages were the hardest. But I got through them. I was writing unconventionally no real plan just a vague idea. Then it started to get easier, writing every chance I could get. I won't lie it wasn't easy to get the time, a full time job, kids, but I stuck with it. Roughly a year later and I was done, the first draft anyway. I let my brother James read it, then my wife, and, they loved it. It was rough though. Then fate intervened, Julie Plath my neibour was an editor, she said she would be happy to edit it. The mistakes were long and arduous but we got through it. So far everything that had happened was easy.

With my book proof read and edited I sent it out into the world looking for a agent or publisher. .Surely my novel as awesome as it was would find a home. About 50 submissions and 2 months later, nothing. I discovered something. In today's age of modern publishing where people can upload anything onto the internet. There are three types of authors getting published, Established writers, Celebrities and those rare individuals who know someone in the know.

I decided to look into the POD companies, you know they offer you the world then charge like a rhino. But there were too many things that didn't sit right like the cover qualitiy and in particular the prices, and after crunching the numbers I decided to do it myself. Scouring the internet I found a company based in South Africa, that were able to format and design the cover, they were fantastic, providing advice and assistance along the way. During this time I had to get the book copyrighted and an isbn number, but most importantly I had to create my own publishing company. This was all done with the help of my lovely wife Kate. Ben Aitchison from Paradigm Print Media then began the process of getting the book ready. No easy process. While I waited advertising was organised, Paula Tapiolas from ABC radio gave me a plug and locally Angus and Roberson and Mary Who agreed to sell it.

Today my books finally arrived, all 800 of them and I got to finally hold one in the palm of my hand. I won't lie, I didn't feel a flood of relief, despite the fact that they looked fantastic. I realise that I am only another short step towards accomplishing my goal, one that is constantly changing.

Tomorrow Perigord is going into the book stores and on the 11 Jul 2015 I go to my first promotional tour, Tropicon. After that who knows. But one thing I do know and that is with the constant support I have had with family and friends, no matter what happens next I'm doing this for them as much as myself and that's enough.

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