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Plato Wyngard and Luther Macbeth are now agents for the Guild of Wolves. Their first mission appears straight forward: Locate The Axe of Perun, the legendary weapon of the ancient Slavic God of Thunder. Their operation was destined for failure from the very beginning.

Left to die in Prague, they struggle to make sense of the forces that are pitted against them.

In their search for the mystical axe, they will face off against Russian soldiers, rogue Guild operatives, and a beast born from a Hellmouth. They'll trek from catacombs under ancient Roman bath houses, King Arthur's final resting place, and deep into Siberia where a battle with an ancient order of pagan warriors has been brewing long enough.

Pushed to their limits, can Plato and Luther achieve the impossible? Will their first mission be their last?

Marc Lindsay Author
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Marc Lindsay Author
Marc Lindsay Author

After the events in the valley of the Immortals, Plato Wyngard and his ex-marine partner Luther Macbeth, have been enjoying a period of peace and prosperity, that Neither man has never experienced before. Only fate had other plans for them.

The death of someone close has Plato and Luther seeking vengeance on the other side of the world, chasing evil into the heartland of Ethiopia. 


What starts out as simple revenge, becomes something much more. Former Guild of Wolves operative, now excommunicated, Malekai has discovered the whereabouts of the legendary armour of King Memnon. Armour that was forged by the Greek God Hephaestus, and possesses powers far beyond that of man.

Piecing together the ancient pieces of a millennial old puzzle. Plato and Luther must now lead an army of Spartan descendants across sweeping plains, deep jungles, the blue Nile, and snow-capped mountains, to a holy city defended by religious fanatics, and stop a ritual with far reaching ramifications.


Can desire and determination be enough to stop a madman, can faith and persistence, save the innocent.


Trying to find the answers to the death of his Father, Ex-Special Air Service operative Plato Wyngard's search leads him to post war Vietnam, 1974. There he becomees embroiled in a plot by nefarious forces to locate the Jade Cup, a mystical object that has the power to grant immortality.


With the help of his partner Luther Macbeth and an eclectic assortment of locals he must race against a powerful drug lord and the mysterious Guild of Wolves to retrieve four ancient relics from Vietnamese mythology, Only with these items can Plato hope to locate the Jade Cup.   


Adventure has a new name.


The sins of the founding father shall be visited upon those of Perigord.


People are being savagely mutilated within Perigord. Everyone thinks that it’s the work of wild animals, But Jason knows better, however the list of suspects, is as long as the dark history of the town itself.


The Goblin king and his army, who are now free to reclaim the town.


The mysterious Vert, collector of earth’s most powerful weapons.


Heinrich Perigord, more powerful than ever, who has designs for humanity, and the library they call home.


Or is it the visiting rock band Sin. Their red eyes, and gleaming canines, a clear giveaway at something much older, and darker.


And what does the threat of the Forge represent, and why does it hold the mystery behind Plato Wyngard’s disappearance.


Things are spiralling out of control, and nothing will ever be the same again.


The ghosts of Ulysses' past have come back to haunt him. 

Heinrich his one-time nemesis has returned to Perigord, as well as Kava the blacksmith, an old friend, both their intentions unclear. 

Jason and Selene have their secret threatened by Wendy Rothchild a scheming student with an agenda. They also have to contend with stone goblins, killer scarecrows, sorcerers and a journey to the Midnight Garden in which they will face their greatest fears. 


Have you ever wanted to fly?............... 
Or be able to see and breathe under water?............... 
What about superhuman strength or speed? 

Well for 16-year old Jason Page this is now a reality. After inheriting a new house from a mysterious Uncle, Jason and his mother move to the beautiful and quiet town of Perigord. 
But even with the emergence of these fantastic powers, Jason has to contend with psychotic students, a shadowy town sheriff, unearthly mercenaries and an ancient prophecy with catastrophic repercussions. 
With the help of the beautiful Selene Jaeger and the enigmatic town librarian Ulysses Walker, they must prevent the use of the Gjallarhorn a mystical Norse artifact with the power to raise an unstoppable army during the town’s Harvest moon Festival. 

Being the new kid in town was never this hard. 

Review for Plato Wyngard and the Valley of the Immortals (goodreads)

The premise of the story promised a lot, and the book delivered. It rolled along like a rollercoaster, interesting plot elements concerning an intriguing time and place (1976 Vietnam). It had everything I really enjoy in this sort of story. Heroic main characters, terrible villains, realistic action scenes, death defying locations. Not to mention the traps, escapes, mythology and nail biting conclusion. 

Hope this is part of a series.

-Brian Donaldson

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