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Supanova Highlight #1

There I was sitting quietly at my booth with co-author James Lindsay, when my wife Kate pointed out legendary Aussie author Matthew Reilly walking by with his entourage. As I would later tell people, it was my courageous self promotion that made me call out (Not my inner geek losing control). 'Hey Matthew', I called out casually to his back. Matthew turned around and waved, then slowly walked over to our modest booth, all three of us now on our feet. I started to lay out my fan pitch (which was a complete rant). Ignoring my ramblings Matthew points down at the copies of Perigord and says 'I've got that book at home'. That one comment floored me. Matthew then asked if he could get signed copies of Ghosts of Perigord and Plato Wyngard. We started to frantically sign the books when Matthew casually informs us to bring them over later. We quickly took photo's and the man departed.

The story ends with the said copies getting delivered personally to Mr Reilly and James and I fist pumping the air for the rest of the day.

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